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Time for a change: host your website on OORT Storage

Why host on a decentralized network and not on a big brand?

Remember the time when Microsoft Azure was down for about 12 hours in June 2022? How about the time that ​​Twitter, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Discord, and Shopify were let down by their content delivery network, Cloudfare? The unwelcome outages are only the tip of the iceberg as to why you should host your website on a decentralized network over a traditional, centralized option.

Decentralized website hosting is safer, easier, and more affordable. OORT Storage, a leading player in this industry, offers a zero-learning curve user experience and superior performance on top of technical resiliency and privacy at a fraction of the cost. Give it a try and enjoy full control of your data and the easy maneuverability of your custom domains with ZERO downtime. OORT won’t let you down.

Decide What You Need: Static vs. Dynamic Website Hosting

What is a Static Website?

A static website can serve HTML, JavaScript, images, videos, and other files to website visitors, and these files do not contain any server-side application code, such as PHP or ASP.NET. They are often used to deliver personal or marketing websites. Static websites are very low cost, have high reliability, require no server management, and can scale to handle enterprise-grade traffic without additional action.

Static Website Hosting is best for

  • Websites that do not contain server-side scripting (such as PHP or ASP.NET)

  • Websites with limited editors and little need for content changes

  • Websites that require scalability to handle occasional traffic spikes

  • Clients that don't want to manage infrastructure

What is a Dynamic Website?

Dynamic websites include ubiquitous marketing and media sites and social, travel, and other highly app-dependent sites like an NFT marketplace. Enterprise-level websites need to dynamically scale resources and be highly available to support the most demanding and most-visited websites.

A dynamic website uses a variety of OORT services, often across multiple data nodes("Availability Zones"). Enterprise websites built on OORT can provide high availability, scalability, and performance levels but require more management than static or simple websites.

Dynamic Website Hosting is best for

  • Websites using multiple web servers in at least two data centers

  • Websites that need to scale with load balancing, autoscaling, or external databases

  • Websites that require sustained high CPU utilization

  • Clients that require maximum control and flexibility in web server configuration and management

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