Amazon Drive

Choose n) New remote to configure a new AWS remote

e/n/d/r/c/s/q> n

Enter name for new remote

name> AWS-Drive

Choose the type of storage to configure, enter “s3” to continue

Storage> s3

Option provider select, choose “Amazon Web Services(AWS) S3” to continue

provider> AWS

Option env_auth select, select “1” to continue


Option access_key_id, enter the access_key_id then continue

access_key_id> Your Amazon Drive access_key_id

Option secret_access_key, enter the secret_access_key then continue

secret_access_key> Your Amazon Drive secret_access_key

Choose the region to connect to, you can leave empty then will use the default region to connect.


Enter the endpoint for S3 API, you can leave empty then will use the default endpoint to connect.


Use the default value for the Option: location_constraint、acl、server_side_encryption、sse_kms_key_id、storage_class.

Complete the configuration.

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