Step 2: Do the OORT Storage remote configuration

Open the rclone.exe in command,then input the the command of “rclone config”

Choose n) New remote to configure a new OORT Storage remote

e/n/d/r/c/s/q> n

Enter name for new remote

name> OORT Storage

Choose the type of storage to “s3” to continue

Storage> s3

Choose the “Minio” as s3 provider,

Provider> Minio

Option env_auth,Choose false to continue


Option access_key_id.& Option secret_access_key

Enter the access_key_id and secret_access_key

access_key_id> Your OORT Storage access_key_id

secret_access_key> Your OORT Storage secret_access_key

Choose a region to connect,Leave blank and continue


Enter the value of Endpoint for S3 API


Option location_constraint,leave blank to continue


Option acl,leave blank to continue


Option server_side_encryption,leave blank to continue


Option sse_kms_key_id,leave blank to continue


Edit advanced config?choose “n” to continue

y/n> n

When you finish the above configuration then you can see the below information.

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