Use Arq Backup

Learn how to backup your data to OORT Storage using Arq.

What's Arq?

Arq is a backup software that allows you to use your own cloud storage account on a Mac or Windows based system. You can use Arq with OORT Storage S3-compatible storage.


Configure Arq to use OORT Storage

Pick "New Backup Plan" from Arq’s File menu. Click Add Storage Location, choose "S3-Compatible Server", and click Continue:

Copy and paste your OORT Storage Access Key and Secret Key values into the fields in Arq and click Continue:

OORT Storage Endpoint API:



Choose an encryption password for Arq to encrypt your data before transmitting it (this password will never leave your computer):

Choose which files you’d like to back up, and click "Create Backup Plan":

Congratulations, you have successfully configured Arq to back up your data to OORT Storage!

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