Work with Buckets

To store your data in OORT Storage, you work with resources known as buckets and objects. A bucket is a container for objects. An object is a file and any metadata that describes that file.

To store an object in OORT Storage, you create a bucket and then upload an object to the bucket. Once an object is in a bucket, you can open it, download it, and move it. You can delete objects and buckets when you no longer need them.

What is a bucket?

A bucket is a container for objects stored in OORT Storage. You can store any number of objects in a bucket and can have up to 100 buckets in your account.

Every object is contained in a bucket. For example, if the object named photos/puppy.jpg is stored in the DOC-EXAMPLE-BUCKET bucket in the US East Region, then it is addressable using the URL

Manage buckets

OORT Storage provides APIs for you to manage your buckets and objects. For example, you can create a bucket and upload objects using the OORT Storage S3-Compatible API or the OORT Storage console. The console uses the OORT S3-Compatible APIs to send requests to OORT Storage .

Work with Objects

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