Comptuecoin is now Oort
Dear Computecoin Family,
Computecoin is now Oort. We are proud to announce our new name, which starts a new chapter as we continuously scale up.
To the bound of civilization and beyond,
Team at Oort
Oort is the data infrastructure for next billion Web3 users
We apologize for any potential confusion and inconvenience.
Thank you all for understanding.

What is Computecoin

Started in a research lab in 2018 and went online as a project in 2021, Computecoin is a Web3 data infrastructure for simple and massive adoption.

What We Achieved as Computecoin

In the two years that we were named Computecoin, we’re proud to say that we accomplished many things with the help of not only members of our team but our community members as well. Computecoin’s first testnet, Dome-A, has successfully concluded as of this month, with our testnet II, Huygens, still ongoing. We developed a set of in-house developing tools and became open-sourced with a hackathon and a bounty program in progress. We built a community of a total of 130k members across more than 30 countries, who built several impressive dApps on our blockchain. Computecoin also left its footprints in numerous online and in-person events worldwide.

What Happens to Computecoin

💡 Online Rebrand
We will keep updating our visuals, documentation, and social media handles during this rebranding process. We apologize for any potential confusion and inconvenience.
💰 Tokens
This rebrand will not affect your digital assets in Ale Wallet. The test token $CCN’s name will remain the same.
⛏ Mining
This rebrand will not affect current Huygens miners. Please continue mining as usual. Now is the time to move forward and onward.

Next Chapter: Oort

Introducing Oort, the Web3 Data Infrastructure

What Does “Oort” Mean?

Our new name, Oort, is taken from Oort Cloud, the theoretical edge of our solar system and human civilization.
The outer edge of Oort Cloud represents the gravitational boundary of the Solar System, at anything up to two or three light-years, and possibly even more.

What is Oort?

Oort is a continuation of Computecoin that operates the same vision: to build the cornerstone of Web3. Featuring a user-centric design, Computecoin offers full-service decentralized data solutions that developers and users can quickly master without knowing a thing about Web3. With a more specific positioning and product-oriented strategy, Oort aims to onboard billions of Web2 users to Web3 applications and services. At Oort, we strive to challenge ourselves and others to create new values that push the boundaries of the next age of the internet. We envision a future where Web3 is widely adopted and used by everyone. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in to make this vision a reality.

What Makes Oort Different?

One of the biggest challenges decentralized storage service providers face is scalability in terms of the number of users. Other issues that stem from scalability include latency, reliability and the lack of common features like fast file indexing. As decentralized storage service providers struggle to meet the industry standards of scalability needs, it’s difficult for them to compete with traditional, centralized services. Our job at Oort is to solve all these problems centering on scalability.
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