Download Objects

Downloading objects is easy with OORT Storage. To download a file larger than 20 GB, use the AWS CLI, AWS SDK or Amazon S3 REST API.

Data transfer fees apply when you download objects.

When you download an object programmatically, its metadata is returned in the response headers. There are times when you want to override certain response header values returned in a GET response. For example, you might override the Content-Disposition response header value in your GET request. The S3-Compatible GET Object API allows you to specify query string parameters in your GET request to override these values. The AWS SDKs for Java, .NET, and PHP also provide necessary objects you can use to specify values for these response headers in your GET request.

When retrieving objects that are stored encrypted using server-side encryption, you must provide appropriate request headers.

How to download an object

-> Sign in to the OORT Console.

-> In the Buckets list, choose the bucket that you want to download an object from.

-> There are two ways to download an object from an OORT Storage bucket: select the object and choose Download or choose Download as from the Actions menu if you want to download the object to a specific folder.

-> You've successfully downloaded your object.

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