User Guide

Get started with Oort DSS
You can get started with Oort Storage by working with buckets and objects.
An object is a file and any metadata that describes that file.
A bucket is a container for objects.
To store an object on Oort DSS, you create a bucket and then upload the object to the bucket. Once the object is in the bucket, you can open and download it. You can delete an object or a bucket if you don't need it anymore.


With Oort DSS, you pay only for what you use. Oort DSS will be free for all beta users.
All data and accounts on Oort DSS will be automatically deleted at the end of the beta testing period.

Step-by-step guide

Storage providers

Users can explore different storage options powered by leading decentralized storage providers such as Filecoin, SIA, Arweave and Storj and choose the best storage plan based on your budget, location, and performance requirements.