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Upload Website

Step 1: Setting up Your Oort DSS Account

To start using Oort DSS services, join the Oort DSS Program and sign up for an account.
For specific instructions, see Oort DSS User Guide-Sign Up.

Step 2: Create a Bucket to Upload Your Website Files

After you’re signed in to Oort DSS, you can create a storage bucket in the Oort DSS console. Upon choosing a storage class for your data and how to control access to the objects.
For specific instructions, see Oort DSS User Guide-Create a Bucket.

Step 3: Select a Bucket

3.1> Open a bucket of choice in your Oort DSS console -> Buckets.
3.2> Choose the bucket you want to upload, Drag files or folders or select objects to upload.

Step 4: Upload Your Website Project Folder

Drag your website project folder or select your website projet folder to upload.

Next Steps

For static websites, you are done! See how you can visit the published site.
For dynamic websites, see backend hosting.