NFT Storage

Storing your NFT data at Oort DSS for decentralized storage.

Oort DSS NFT Storage 101

What is Oort DSS NFT Storage?

Oort DSS NFT Storage allows users to simply and permanently store the off-chain NFT data in the Oort decentralized storage network. You can upload as much data as you want as long as it's part of an NFT (e.g., metadata, images, videos, and other assets referenced in a token or its metadata), although there is currently a 5TB file limit.

Who Should Use Oort DSS NFT Storage?

Creators who are minting NFTs
NFT tooling developers looking to support creators and collectors
NFT platforms and exchanges

Why Store Your NFT Storage on Oort DSS?

Oort DSS is super easy to use and integrate. After uploading your files, Oort DSS stores your off-chain NFT data on one or more different storage networks, such as Filecoin and Arweave, then returns a content ID for your future NFT minting to make it truly immutable and performantly available.

Oort DSS NFT Storage Pricing

With Oort DSS, you pay as you go and pay only for what you use. There are no upfront fees or requirements on how much storage space you need to purchase.
For more information on Oort DSS pricing, please see Plans and Pricing.