What is Oort DSS?

An easy, flexible and secure object storage solution powered by a decentralized cloud
Oort is the Web3.0 infrastructure that powers all-purpose applications. As one of the first products available on Oort, Oort DSS (Decentralized Storage Solution) offers easy, flexible and secure object storage located in the decentralized cloud.
Our vision is to simplify the decentralized storage process, so even users who know nothing about Web3 or blockchain can also enjoy the higher security, lower price and better stability brought by a decentralized network.
Users can create and store files in buckets; retrieve, manage and modify resources; and share access to their data through secure links. Oort DSS is designed to handle any type of file, including photos, text files and video.
Oort DSS allows users to explore different storage options powered by leading decentralized storage providers such as Filecoin, SIA, Arweave, Storj and Crust through the DSS protocol, making migration to Oort easily.
Users can store and retrieve data via a unified DSS data exchange API, which is 100% compatible with Amazon S3 API. This allows any project to use any AWS library or SDK and start using DSS effortlessly.