New Features in Huygens

Fully compatible with Ethereum

Dev Tools
Smart-contract development tools (e.g. Truffle, Hardhat) on Ethereum will be available for CCN developers in Huygens. CCN also developed its own dev tools for Ale Wallet Developers and Smart Contract Developers
More Wallet Options
CCN community members can use Ethereum wallets such as Metamask
More Ecosystem Partners
NFT, DeFi, and other blockchain projects can easily deploy their applications on CCN

Verifying Tokenomics

Huygens mining rewards, collateral, and penalties are all determined by CCN Mining Tokenomics.

Miner Account vs. Worker Account

A Miner Account is the primary account for mining. All miners must register a Mining Account inside the CCN Mining Portal in order to start mining.
A Worker Account is a functional account authorized only to connect and disconnect machines. Worker Accounts do not require any form of application except providing an Ale Wallet address.
Access Comparison
Miner Account (Main)
Worker Account (Secondary)
Connect & Disconnect Machines
Mining Rewards
Deposit & Withdraw Funds
Add & Remove Worker Accounts

Proof of Honesty (PoH) Node

PoH is the consensus algorithm that can be viewed as an independent blockchain-based computing verification layer atop a distributed computing network. In Huygens, we introduce PoH node.
A PoH node is a miner in the network, being the role of an “officer” in the PoH consensus, which aims to catch a malicious computing power provider in the network by assigning the provider with a phishing task. Since the outcome of the phishing task is predictable/known in advance by the officer, any misconduct in computing can be easily detected by the officer.
In Huygens, the top 30 miners with the highest metapower will be selected as PoH nodes. 5% of the mining reward in the reward pool will be equally distributed to these PoH nodes as an incentive for their work. The PoH nodes will be re-selected every 12 hours according to the metapower ranking.

Bonding Pool

Bonding pools are designed to connects miners who need CCN tokens for collateral with token holders in need of machines to mine. The goal is to maximize the returns of both miners and token holders.