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Ale Wallet

Your one-tap access to the Web3 Wallet

What is Ale Wallet?

Ale Wallet is your fast and easy access to the Oort ecosystem, allowing you to securely store, send and receive CCN tokens and all the tokens issued on Oort.

Why do I need another crypto wallet?

Thanks to Oort’s cross-chain technology, you can explore the amazing metaverse and Web3 dApps built on the major Layer-1 blockchains. With just a few taps, Ale Wallet makes it easy to interact with your favorite dApps — so you can get the most out of your digital world.

Seamlessly log into metaverse dApps with Ale Wallet

Ale Wallet is designed to create a better experience for the looming metaverse and Web3 dApp users. With Ale Wallet, you can easily and securely log into different dApps without having to remember multiple usernames and passwords. Ale Wallet makes it easy to get started with metaverse and Web3 dApps — just download the app, create an account, and start using your favorite dApps. Ale Wallet serves as your passport + credit card to the metaverse.

Supports dApps across chains, including Ethereum, Solana, BSC, and more

Ale Wallet makes it easy for you to access the coolest dApps on different layer-1 blockchains. Very soon, you will be able to interact with dApps built on Ethereum, Solana, BSC, or something else entirely. Ale Wallet has you covered. With this essential piece of software, you’ll be able to experience the best that blockchain has to offer.

Instant transaction and barely-there transaction fee

Ale Wallet is built on Oort, the world-first DAG blockchain that supports smart contracts. The network boasts a high throughput of 20K TPS (number of transactions processed per second) and a barely-there gas fee, allowing you to experience fast and low-cost transactions.

What else is in the works for Ale Wallet?

Ale Wallet will have at least 30 dApps for you to choose from by the end of 2022!
Oort’s first stablecoin, USDM, will be listed on Ale Wallet in Feb 1 USDM = 1 USDT = 1 USDC With USDM, you can enjoy greater flexibility and convenience when interacting with different dApps across different blockchains via Ale Wallet.
In Mid March, Ale Wallet will welcome its first DEX. Users can easily and securely trade CCN and other tokens issued on Oort
An NFT Marketplace is also coming to Ale Wallet soon! Stay tuned!