Testnet III: Ascraeus

In evaluation of DEN tokenomics and network performance

About Ascraeus

Departing from Mons Huygens, the moon’s highest mountain, OORT's third testnet lands on the northernmost and tallest of the three large aligned Tharsis volcanoes on Mars, Ascraeus Mons.

Ascraeus Testnet Objective

Ascraeus is dedicated to evaluating the OORT DEN tokenomics and network performance.

OORT Decentralized Edge Network (OORT DEN) is one of the flagship products of OORT, the data infrastructure for the next billion Web3 users. OORT DEN is an edge network that makes Web3 applications faster, more secure, and easier to scale.

New Features in Ascraeus

  • New tesnet token, $CCNA

  • $CCN <> $CCNA exchange pool

  • New blockchain explorer, more transparency

  • New mining module with Deimos

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