Testnet I: Dome-A

The beginning of OORT's testnet

Dome-A is officially closed on 10/31/22


Dome-A is OORT's first phase of testnet. The name “Dome-A” was named after Dome Argus (also known as Dome A), the highest point in East Antarctica with a surface elevation of 4,093 m and one of the least-known places on the globe. Dome-A represents the beginning of our journey into the frontier of metaverse processing capacity, and OORT's vision of a solution that towers above the obstacles that frustrate metaverse projects today.


More than 100,000 nodes are running on Dome-A
82,592,436,958 Metapower (MP/s) are provided by miners in 22 countries, equivalent to 4000 PetaBytes storage space and 200,000 Nvidia 3080 ETH mining cards.
50K+ Ale Wallet downloaded and installed

The History of Dome-A

Dome-A 1.0

Dome-A 1.0 launched on September 27, 2021, at 10 PM ET. This is the very first phase of OORT.

Goals & Features

The purpose of Dome-A 1.0 is to test the network stability & performance and verify the MCP consensus algorithm. Towards this end, CCN’s Ale Wallet, dev tools, and SDK for developers will be sequentially launched in the coming months. Meanwhile, the source codes will be released to the public step by step.

Dome-A 1.1

Dome-A 1.1 launched on December 8, 2021, at 11 AM ET. This marks a great leap forward from Dome-A 1.0 in OORT's private testnet phase.

Goals & Features

The purpose of Dome-A 1.1 is to foster a more decentralized network and grow the CCN ecosystem. Dome-A 1.1 involved more miners than Dome-A 1.0 in this private testnet phase. CCN also started deploying and testing dApps on Dome-A 1.1, while issuing tokens for dApps in the format of ERC20 tokens.