What is OORT?

Privacy First, Cost Conscious

OORT 101

What is OORT?

OORT is a decentralized cloud for privacy and cost savings. By integrating global compute and storage resources, we provide AI solutions to enhance business operations.

OORT's Vision

OORT aims to create a world where people fully own and control their data, and use natural language as the gateway for effortless data interaction.

The OORT Preeminence

As the first mover in the intelligent decentralized data cloud domain, OORT technologies are backed by US patents and academic publications. OORT has built strong partnerships/Clients with 40+ projects/companies, such as DELL Technologies, Tencent Cloud and Emurgo, as well as with 20+ elite universities in the U.S., such as Harvard, MIT, and the University of Chicago.

The Team Behind OORT

The core team members in New York come from world-recognized organizations, such as Columbia University, Qualcomm, AT&T, JP Morgan, and more.


Industry Struggles: OORT to the Rescue


The demand for affordable computing power is skyrocketing in emerging fields such as AI-generated content (AIGC), Web3, and the Metaverse. Computing power is becoming the “oil” of future human society. Meanwhile, with growing concerns about data privacy, applications will increasingly focus on ensuring users' privacy in data storage and processing.

The Solution? OORT.

OORT's core technology and AI Interaction drive the massive adoption of decentralized infrastructure.

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