Welcome to the Developers section of our Oort Gitbook. As the pioneers navigating the frontier of decentralization, you hold the power to shape our collective digital future. Whether you're developing on top of the Ale Wallet or working with the Ascraeus testnet, we provide the tools and resources you need to maximize your efforts.

This section is specifically tailored for developers, providing comprehensive documentation, guides, and resources for building on Oort. Here, we'll dive deep into our infrastructure, explain key concepts, and walk you through the practical steps necessary for leveraging our technologies.

This is more than just technical documentation: it's a gateway to collaboration, innovation, and community building. It serves as an interactive space where you can explore, learn, and contribute to the broader Oort ecosystem.

Ascraeus Developers

The Ascraeus Developer section provides detailed guidance for working with our testnet, including setup instructions, code examples, and insights into our future development plans.

pageBlockchain Developers

Ale Wallet Developers

In the Ale Wallet Developer section, you'll find everything you need to know about integrating our wallet into your projects and applications.

pageAle Wallet Developers

We encourage you to immerse yourself, ask questions, suggest improvements, and most importantly, build without boundaries. Remember, the path to decentralization is not a solitary journey, but a collective effort. Together, we can construct a more equitable digital world where privacy is maximized, and data is democratized. Welcome aboard!

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