Google Play Store Update

Last Updated: 03/22/22

We are pleased to report Computecoin has released an updated version of Ale Wallet in Google Play Store. In order to continue using your Ale Wallet, we ask that you update Ale Wallet. This version of Ale Wallet is built entirely on testnet II, Huygens, which is a major leap forward from Dome-A, testnet I. We apologize for the inconvenience of removing and reinstalling.

APK File Download

If you originally installed Ale Wallet by downloading an APK file (the package file format used by the Android operating system), download the updated APK file when installing this update.

Google Play Store Download

If you installed Ale Wallet through Google Play Store, install the updated Ale Wallet in Google Play Store

In Case of Errors & Complications

1> Make a copy of your Private Key or Keystore. You should also have your Secret Recovery Phrase stored in a safe place by now.

Please do keep your private key only to yourself, as anyone with access to your private key could manage and transfer the assets in your wallet

2> Delete the Ale Wallet from your device

3> Install Ale Wallet in Google Play Store

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