Ascraeus Mining Guide

Last updated on Feb14, 2023

Join the Ascraeus Testnet

Turn on the edge device

  1. Plug in your Deimos

  2. Connect Deimos to your WiFi router with a cable

  3. Make sure your mobile device is connected to the same WiFi

Connect the device to the Ale Wallet app

Don’t have an Ale Wallet?

Ale Wallet is your one-stop access to the OORT ecosystem. You need an Ale Wallet to manage your Deimos and your earnings. Download now.

Users can only use Ale Wallet app to add and manage devices. Ale Wallet Chrome Extension doesn't support this function.

Launch DEN mining page in Ale Wallet

Go to “Browser”

Type in “DEN” in the search bar

Click on the “DEN” icon and open the mining page

Later on, you can easily find the DEN app in the “Recently Opened” section

Connect Deimos to your wallet address

Make sure you are using the right wallet address. You can switch to different addresses by clicking the “Switch” button. (If you wish to change your address after connecting the Deimos, you can use the “Transfer Device” function)

Click “Add Devices”

Option one: Add devices automatically

Click the “Find Devices” button and all the Deimos devices that have been connected to your WiFi router will show up.

Click “Next”. You can select all the devices available in your network.

Click “Next”. Confirm the device and wallet details. Please make sure that you are connecting Deimos to the correct wallet address.

Click "Add Devices"

Type in your associated wallet password to complete this step.

It can take up to a few minutes for your newly added device to show up in DEN mining page. Feel free to close this tab and check later.

Option two: Add devices with IP addresses
  • Google "What's my IP" or find it on your WiFi router

  • Copy and paste it in the search box and add your devices

Can't find your device?
  • Make sure your mobile device is connected to the same WiFi as your edge device.

  • Contact the eco partner that you purchased the device from.

Add Collateral to Boost Rewards (Optional)

Adding collateral to your device is optional. Adding collateral would boost your mining rewards to 100%. Devices without collateral will still make 15% of the full mining rewards. Learn more about collateral.

Users can choose to add collateral with either CCN or an equivalent amount of CCNA (based on real-time token price). Collateral will be locked for 360 days, which we call the serving period. After the serving period, collateral will be returned to miners Account Balance.

  • Collateral for Deimos: 500 CCN

  • Collateral for Helium hotspots: 500 CCN

Ascraeus mining allows for multiple collateral, so if you want to use CCN (Huygens) or CCNA (Ascraeus) to add, remove collateral, or withdraw, you need to switch to the corresponding network and make sure that the selected wallet address is the same as the device's owner address.

Add collateral to multiple devices

Click the “Add Collateral” button in the Total Collateral section.

Choose the token you want to use for collateral. (At the beginning of Ascraeus testnet, only CCN collateral will be accepted as there won’t be much CCNA minted and circulated in the market.)

Switch to the right wallet accordingly. If you are using CCN, you need a Huygens network wallet. If you are using CCNA, use an Ascraeus network wallet.

All the devices without collateral will show up. Select the devices you like and click next

Confirm the collateral details

Receive Rewards

Mining rewards will be distributed every hour.

25% of the mining rewards will be released immediately, and 75% will be released linearly in 270 days.

Reward Score

Each device will have its own Reward Score. Reward Score represents the actual mining rewards you will receive compared to the max mining rewards you can receive.

Having a 0.98 Reward Score means you will receive 98% of the max mining rewards. Adding collateral and maintaining a high Online Score would ensure a high Reward Score.

What will affect your mining rewards?

  1. Collateral. Adding collateral will boost your rewards to 100%.

  2. Device Online Score. Online Score represents an edge node’s stability. When a device is offline or not functioning properly, the Online Score will decrease. The actual mining rewards you will receive will thus reduce. The highest Online Score is one, and you won't be receiving any rewards when the Online Score becomes zero.

  3. Network growth. As more edge devices we have running on the network, the mining rewards will increase accordingly. Learn more about Deimos mining rewards.

IMPORTANT: Deimos running in Mainland China cannot receive any token rewards because of regional restrictions.

Manage Devices and Earnings

Account Overview

You can see your account balance, manage collateral and assets, check device status and mining rewards.

Account balance

Account balance represents all the funds that you can withdraw to your connected Ale Wallet address, including unlocked rewards and unlocked collateral. Any penalties occurred will also be auto deducted from your account balance.

Please note, you need to withdraw account balance to your Ale Wallet first to start using the tokens for collateral.

Manage collateral

Do I have to add collateral to my devices?

You can choose to add collateral to a device or not. Adding collateral would boost the mining rewards to 100%. Devices without collateral will still make 15% of the full mining rewards. Learn more about collateral.

Can I remove the collateral before the serving period ends?

Yes! You can remove collateral at any time. However, removing collateral before the serving period ends will result in penalties. You can withdraw the remaining collateral from your account balance.

Penalty amount = 50% * max (remaining serving period/360 days, 1/2) * full collateral amount

How to remove collateral?

You can only remove collateral from each individual device.

Go to the "My Devices" page. Go to the device that you want to remove collateral from. Click the "Remove Collateral".

Confirm the penalties and you can withdraw the rest of the collateral in your device balance or account balance.

Transfer device

You can transfer your edge device to another wallet address. Transferring a device means you will transfer all its current assets and future earnings.

Only transfer devices to another wallet address of yours or someone you trust.

How to transfer a device

Go to the "My Devices" page. Go to the device that you want to transfer and scroll to the bottom. Click "Transfer Device".

Type in the receiving wallet address and click "Transfer Device"

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