List Your DApp on Ale Wallet

A guide to list your dApp on Ale Wallet

Step 1: Meet the Requirement

Step 2: Integrate Ale Wallet

2.1> Deploy your dApp on Computecoin

If you already deployed your dApp on Oort, jump to Step 2.2

Follow the instructions in Smart Contract Developers to deploy your dApp on Oort's testnet, Huygens.

2.2> Integrate Ale Wallet

If you already integrated Ale Wallet, jump to Step 3

Follow the instructions in Ale Wallet Developers to integrate Ale Wallet.

Step 3: Apply!

Before you apply, please double-check that you have met the above requirements and prepare the following:

  • Team information

  • DApp information

  • Security audit results

Please submit your application and wait patiently for us to review your application. We will reach out via email within 5 business days with the result.

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