Mining on Ascraeus

Last updated on Feb14, 2023

Miners can join the Ascraeus testnet with two types of devices, Deimos and Helium hotspots.

Mining with Deimos

Deimos is the edge node device for the OORT Decentralized Edge Network (OORT DEN). Each Deimos is a small device with computing and storage capabilities suitable for any household setting. Learn more about Deimos and Deimos tokenomics.

Make sure to purchase Deimos only from OORT official ecosystem partners.

Purchase Deimos --> Browse eco partners.

Each ecosystem partner will be reviewed and approved by the OORT Foundation, but we advise doing your own research as a vendor listing does not equal endorsement or recommendation.

Mining with Helium Hotspots

Current Helium miners need to contact their Helium hotspot manufacturers to join the Ascraeus testnet.

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