Edge devices will receive two types of rewards in Oort Decentralized Edge Network (Oort DEN): mining rewards and utility rewards.
25% of the mining rewards will be released immediately every hour, and the rest 75% will be released linearly in 270 days.

Mining Rewards

Helium Hotspots
Let n be the total number of Deimos and HNT devices in Oort. Let r(n) be the number of CCNA tokens that a Deimos with collateral will receive every day. Then,
r(n)=510102n2+3.5105n+1.51010r(n) = \frac{5*10^{10}}{2n^2 + 3.5*10^{5}n+1.5*10^{10}}

Rewards will decrease as the network grows

For example,
If n = 1000 devices, r(n) = 3.2569 CCNA tokens per day
If n = 10000 devices, r(n) = 2.6738 CCNA tokens per day
If n = 50000 devices, r(n) = 1.3333 CCNA tokens per day
The curve is plotted as the following,
Mining reward as a function of the the total devices in Oort
For a Helium hotspot, the mining reward will be 40%~60% of a Deimos device with the same collateral amount.

What Will Affect Your Mining Rewards?

  1. 1.
    Collateral. Adding collateral will boost your rewards to 100%. For a device with no collateral, the mining reward will be 15% of an edge device with collateral.
  2. 2.
    Device Online Score. Online Score represents an edge node’s stability. When a device is offline or not functioning properly, the Online Score will decrease. The actual mining rewards you will receive will thus reduce. The highest Online Score is one, and you won't be receiving any rewards when the Online Score becomes zero.
  3. 3.
    Network growth. As more edge devices we have running on the network, the mining rewards will increase accordingly.
The mining reward is subject to change once the total number of devices reaches 100k when Oort can bring signification revenue share to the miners and the community.

Utility Rewards

Oort Decentralized Edge Network (Oort DEN) aims to serve as an infrastructure and make Web3 applications faster, more secure, and easier to scale.
Additional and more substantial rewards will be sent to edge devices providing utilities (storage, compute or data transfer) for Oort's business clients.