Transfer to Mainnet from Ascraeus

To evaluate the OORT Edge tokenomics and network performance, OORT has launched its third testnet, Ascraeus, along with a new token (CCNA) in Feb 2023. We are helping our eco-partners and miners to transfer Deimos to the mainnet.


Partners engaged in Ascraeus mining are encouraged to reach out for reapplication to maintain their partnership status on the mainnet. Applications from partners recognized for their positive standing will be automatically approved.


After the mainnet launch, all Ascraeus (CCNA) miners is mandatory to continue mining $CCNA until your mining license expires. Once mined, you can immediately convert $CCNA to $OORT via bridge at

Upon expiration of your mining license, if you decide to proceed with mining, your first course of action should be to contact your original eco-partner to renew your license. The renewal process is identical to the initial purchase and activation of a new license for your device.

If you encounter difficulties in reaching your original eco-partner, please contact us at for assistance in renewing your license.

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