Edge Node Tokenomics

Last updated on Feb 14, 2023

By running OORT's edge node and providing storage, compute capacity, or bandwidth, one can help these applications to scale easily while earning mining rewards.

Network Growth

To achieve sustainable supply and demand growth and enable the long-term and healthy development of OORT Edge, only when the average utilization rate of the total storage and computing power of the entire network reaches 70% in a 3-month period, more Deimos devices will be able to join.

After the expansion, the total daily mining rewards will remain unchanged.

Inflation Reduction

The OORT Foundation will host community voting to decide whether to reduce mining rewards and how much should be reduced every few months after OORT Edge launches, based on the amount of token circulation.

What is inflation reduction? Reducing mining rewards in a network. For example, the community can decide to reduce mining rewards in half.

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