Approval Process & Qualification

Becoming a Oort DEN eco partner

Approval Process

Step 1: Submit an Application

Submit an Eco-Partner application on behalf of your organization.

Step 2: Hardware Audit

Qualified applicants will be required to produce a sample Deimos unit for a hardware audit by the technical auditing committee.

Step 3: Approval

Applicants passing Step 3 will become Deimos eco-partners and receive approval for Deimos production and distribution.

Step 4: Onboarding

Confirm Deimos license purchase and start managing your devices and earnings. Learn more about the edge device licensing.


Business Qualifications

  1. An eco partner must be an officially registered entity.

  2. Having an in-house marketing team and business development team with regional marketing capabilities.

  3. Having a customer support team with after-sale support capabilities.

  4. A preferred partner would have a sizable community or influence in the Web3 or distributed networking space.

  5. A preferred partner would be a well-established manufacturer.

Minimal Commitment

Ecosystem partners must purchase at least 100 edge device licenses for their first order. Afterward, a multiple of 500 licenses is required for each new order.

Licensing fee: 60 USD (or equivalent) per unit, paid upfront. ⅓ licensing fee will be used to pay back and burn the ecosystem utility token quarterly.

Restrictions for Deimos Eco Partners

Adapting to appropriate regional legislation, the foundation will not partner with Deimos eco partners from the following listed regions for the time being.

  • Algeria

  • Bangladesh

  • Bolivia

  • Mainland China

  • Egypt

  • India

  • Iraq

  • Nepal

  • Qatar

As Deimos will be manufactured with GPS monitoring and IP positioning, if the foundation were to detect any violation of regional restrictions, the eco-partnership would be terminated effective immediately, and all deposits deducted.

Helium hotspot manufacturers are not affected by this regional regulation.

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