Last updated on Feb 14, 2023

What is Deimos?

Deimos is the edge node device for the OORT Edge. Each Deimos is a small device with computing and storage capabilities suitable for any household setting.

Imagine Deimos as mini servers placed close to the end-users to make dApps faster, more secure, and more scalable.

OORT node providers can only mine OORT utility tokens with Deimos.

Earn with Deimos

There are different benefits when you contribute to the OORT edge network by activating a Deimos device.

Token rewards

Once your Deimos is connected to the OORT Edge, you will start receiving mining rewards. 25% of the mining rewards will be released immediately, and 75% will be released linearly in 270 days.

The mining rewards will mostly be higher when Deimos are more geographically distributed.

Service fees

When applications are using the bandwidth, computing or storage services provided by your Deimos, you will receive extra and more significant rewards.

Get a Deimos

Deimos will only be available for purchase from OORT's official eco partners. Each ecosystem partner will be reviewed and approved by the OORT Foundation, but we advise doing your research as a vendor listing does not equal endorsement or recommendation.

Manage Deimos

You can easily manage your Deimos and earnings by connecting Deimos with the Ale Wallet app, OORT’s digital wallet.

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