Licensing & Responsibilities

Different Types of Edge Device Licenses

OORT Edge has two types of licenses at the moment"

  • License for Deimos, Oort's native edge device

  • License for Helium hotspots

After Approval

Step 1: Purchase Deimos License

Approved eco-partners will purchase no less than 100 Deimos licenses for their first order.

Step 2: Produce Deimos Devices & Start Distributing

Having received Deimos licenses, Deimos eco-partners can start manufacturing and distributing Deimos devices using their network.

License & Distribution

$379 per Deimos unit.

The recommended price takes the first-year licensing fee into account.

Helium hotspot manufacturers don't need to follow this rule.

Quarterly Review

All eco-partners are evaluated according to sales records at the end of each quarter. Licensing fees will also be audited every quarter.

Licensing Fee

$60 (or equivalent) per unit, paid upfront.

⅓ licensing fee will be used to pay back and burn the ecosystem utility token quarterly.

License Period

The license is valid 360 days from the license activation date and expires automatically after 360 days. Annual renewal is required to stay connected to the network.

Licenses must be activated within two months after purchase.

The Deimos license requires annual renewal: the license fee starting the second year will be paid by Deimos owners through Ale Wallet.


  • Develop and maintain the customer management system

  • Provide customer support to device owners

  • Provide a minimal two-year warranty period

  • Take other legal responsibilities detailed in the full document

False or misleading promotion is strictly prohibited

Practice pyramid selling (“MLM”) is strictly prohibited

Oort shall own all proprietary rights

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