Deimos Manufacturing Reference

Deimos Hardware Manufacturing Reference

CPU: 4 Cores Intel® Celeron® Processor N5105 Memory: 8G DDR4 Hard Drive: 1TB SSD Authentication IC: ATECC608 Ports: Gigabit Ethernet (x1), USB 3.2 Type-A Gen 1 (x1) OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LED: Power, System, Service Uplink/Downlink: 50Mbps/100Mbps Reset Button: Resetting the device by the user to the default configuration is allowed

The hardware specification should be higher or comparable to the reference design. Manufacturers are required to implement the following functions in the device.

  1. LED driver;

  2. Reset button;

  3. Local IP address; once the DHCP doesn’t get the IP address from the gateway;

  4. Pre-install and run dependency packages such as Docker and OORT mining client;

  5. Allocation of the system driver (200GB) and the data driver;

  6. USB driver plug and play

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