Eco Partners

Last updated on Feb 14, 2023

Eco partners will manufacture and distribute different types of edge nodes for OORT Edge. Right now, OORT has eco partners for two types of edge nodes, Deimos and Helium hotspots.

All eco-partners will be carefully selected and approved by OORT Foundation.

Eco Partner Benefits


  • Revenue from the device sales

  • 5% mining reward share of each device for the first year and 10% for the second year

  • Performance-based reward from the OORT Foundation quarterly

25% of the mining rewards share will be released immediately every day, and the rest 75% will be released linearly in 270 days.

Support From Oort Foundation

  • Technical training and demonstration

  • Q&A sessions with the foundation for software troubleshooting;

  • Foundation will help promote all eco-partners' cross-channels;

  • Foundation will provide technical support (API interface) for the eco-partners' management system.

How to Become an Eco Partner?

Apply here! After approving your application, the OORT Foundation will initiate a hardware audit process. If you can deliver a satisfying Deimos sample, you will become an official Deimos Eco-partner.

For more information on the application process, please see the Approval Process & Qualification.

pageApproval Process & Qualification

What are the responsibilities of an OORT Ecosystem Partner?

OORT Ecosystem Partners are primarily responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of edge devies.

For more information on the specific responsibilities, please see Licensing & Responsibilities.

pageLicensing & Responsibilities

For more information on Deimos manufacturing requirements, please see Deimos Manufacturing Reference.

pageDeimos Manufacturing Reference

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