Collateral is not required for Deimos mining, however, if you opt to deposit collateral, you will receive 100% of the mining reward, 85% more than when you don't deposit anything.

Zero collateral: 15% of the total reward Full collateral: 100% of the total reward

Option 1: Zero Collateral

We've made it easy for miners to get started this time! You can choose to deposit nothing as collateral once you have purchased the Deimos device. However, if you choose to deposit collateral (Option 2), you will earn more mining rewards.

Option 2: Full Collateral

The full collateral is the maximum amount of tokens a miner can stake for one Deimos device. The mining collateral deposited will be returned to Deimos owners at once after 360 days.

The full collateral for each Deimos device is 500 OORT.

The full collateral amount will be changed based on the network size and the token circulation.

New Features

Manage Collateral in Ale Wallet

Miners can add, remove and check their real-time collateral info via the OORT Edge (DEN) dApp.

The OORT Edge (DEN) dApp will be available in the Ale Wallet on Feb 15, 2023.

Online Collateral Staking Platform

Deimos owners will be able to use an online staking platform to raise tokens for collateral from other community members. Details will be disclosed soon.

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