What's OORT AI?

OORT AI: Customized, Accurate, Cost-Effective, and Privacy-Centric
OORT AI (previously known as OORT AI) is a generative AI agent builder platform, allowing businesses to incorporate factually accurate, versatile, and secure AI into their operations in minutes.


Cost Savings

Train and infer with ease on OORT cloud. By leveraging the power of decentralization, we've managed to drastically reduce costs, ensuring you receive premium services at just a fraction of the standard price.

Customization at its Finest

Why settle for generic when you can have an AI agent that truly resonates with your brand? Personalize your AI agent to work seamlessly with multimodal data, be it text, imagery, audio, or video. More so, have it communicate in a tone and style that mirrors your brand voice.

Smart & Adaptive

Harness the power of our innovative prompt & context optimizer. This feature empowers the AI agent to adeptly manage intricate multi-step instructions over expansive content. But that's not all. With the inclusion of our self-improvement mechanism, watch your AI agent adapt, evolve, and refine its responses based on invaluable end-user feedback.

Unwavering Privacy

We understand the sanctity of data. Hence, we've put in place a meticulously designed knowledge base and AI agent access control mechanism. Not only can enterprises craft and fine-tune AI agents, but they can also deploy them on-premise, ensuring sensitive data remains protected and fully compliant with stringent regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR.

Easy Knowledge Base Management

Gone are the days of cumbersome database management. With OORT Storage, managing your AI's knowledge base becomes as intuitive and straightforward as using platforms like Google Drive.

Robust Security

In an era where data breaches are increasingly common, OORT AI offers an extra layer of assurance. Thanks to our OORT Storage, your knowledge base remains fortified against potential breaches and any single-node failures.

Why OORT AI and not Other Centralized LLM-based AI Agents Like ChatBase and Claude AI?

Things to Look For
Centralized AI Assistants
Highly Customizable
Support multimodel data formats: text, pictures, audio, video
Moderately Customizable Mostly only support text
Data Privacy & Security
Strong Powered by access control mechanism and OORT Storage
LLM accesses your data via APIs
Big Savings by using the OORT cloud for fine-tuning and inference
Tokens are always costly
Powered by OORT's in-house optimizers
Limited by token windows in LLM
Knowledge Base
Powered by OORT Storage

How OORT AI Works

How OORT AI turns your data to answers for your business clients