OORT AI Virtual Tour

A Look Inside OORT AI

Welcome to the virtual tour of the OORT AI! This tour provides you with a comprehensive photo-text overview, guiding you through various aspects of our intuitive and robust console. From managing your home page to diving into analytics, handling user feedback, managing subscriptions, and creating API keys, this console is designed to give you maximum control over OORT AI.

1. Home Page

The central hub of your OORT AI experience, the Home Page provides an at-a-glance view of essential features and quick navigation to different parts of the console. Here, you can access key functions, monitor activity, and get started with your projects.

pageMain Dashboard

2. Analytics

Data-driven decisions become simple with our Analytics page. Dive deep into the performance metrics, user interactions, and trends, all beautifully represented through interactive charts and graphs.


3. User Feedback

Listening to your users is vital for continuous improvement. Our User Feedback section lets you gather, view, and analyze feedback from users interacting with your AI agents, helping you to enhance their experience.

pageUser Feedback

4. Subscriptions

Managing your subscriptions is a breeze in the Subscriptions section. Here, you can view, upgrade, or modify your current plans, keeping you in full control of your services and costs.


5. API Keys

Secure and manage your API keys with ease. This section guides you in creating, editing, deleting, and listing your API keys, ensuring seamless integration and security.

pageAPI Keys

The OORT AI dashboard is designed to empower you to leverage all the powerful features that OORT AI offers. The intuitive interface and detailed overviews help both beginners and experienced professionals to manage and optimize their interactions with our system effortlessly.

Feel free to explore these sub-pages for more in-depth information, and don't hesitate to reach out to our team at support@oortech.com if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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