Is there a free plan?

Yes, by simply signing up, you receive 150 messages and 1 agent with a limit of 400,000 characters. You can use these resources to test out an OORT Agent and see if it meets your needs.

What are "characters"?

Different plans offer varying limits on the size of the Agent's knowledge base and the amount of data that can be trained monthly. A "character" can be a single character in any languages, such as an English alphabet, a Chinese character, a number or a special character.

How do messages work?

When users interact with your agents, each AI response consumes one message.

When will my message limit be updated?

Your message limit will be updated on the same day of the next month. So, if you subscribe on the 15th of March, your message limit will be renewed on the 15th of April.

How much data can an AI agent be trained on?

Free plan: 400,000 Characters (approximately 5MB)

Basic plan: 4,000,000 Characters (approximately 48MB)

Growth plan: 8,000,000 Characters (approximately 100MB)

Pro plan: 12,000,000 Characters (approximately 140MB)

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