Welcome to the Analytics section of OORT AI. This area provides you with valuable insights and an in-depth analysis of your AI agent's performance. By offering a visual and data-driven perspective, the Analytics section enables you to track, understand, and optimize your AI agent's interactions with users.

Usage Overview

The usage overview chart is a comprehensive visualization tool that offers both daily and cumulative insights into how your AI agent is being utilized. With this chart, you'll gain an understanding of user engagement patterns and trends.

Daily Usage

View a detailed breakdown of how many users interact with your AI agent each day. Monitor spikes, drops, and patterns to understand what drives user engagement.

Cumulative Usage

See the overall growth and usage of your AI agent over time. This long-term perspective helps you gauge the success and sustainability of your agent's engagement.

User Demographics

Understanding your audience is key to tailoring a successful AI agent experience. The user demographics chart allows you to dive into the geographical distribution of your users based on countries. Visualize the geographic reach of your agent and identify key markets or areas for potential expansion with the Analytics page.

The Analytics section of OORT AI is designed to put you in control of your AI agent's performance. By providing a clear and concise view of usage patterns and user demographics, it empowers you to make data-driven decisions. Whether you're looking to refine your marketing strategies, adapt your content to suit different audiences or assess the overall success of your agent, this area of the platform offers the tools and insights you need.

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