Main Dashboard

The main dashboard is the centralized hub is thoughtfully designed to provide easy access to the essential functionalities that make your interaction with our platform seamless. From managing your AI agents and adding websites to configuring settings and previewing the AI agents, everything is within a click's reach.

User Overview

A one-stop shop for all your AI agent-related needs. Here, you can easily see a detailed breakdown of your plan and usage. Create, edit, and delete AI agents as per your requirements, keeping you in control of your AI-powered interactions.

AI Agent Creation

Creating AI agents is seamless, with three ways to upload data. You can add websites, gather user feedback, or upload files, depending on your specific requirements and preferences.

File to AI Agents

Get your own customized AI agents simply by dragging and dropping your file in OORT AI!

Files supported: txt, md, pdf, docx, json, xlsx, xls, cs.

Website to AI Agents

You can create an AI agent simply by pasting a link! Whether it's an entire domain or a single web page, you'll get your customized agent in seconds.

User Feedback to AI Agent

Create your AI agents by importing your most asked questions to cater to the needs of your user base.

AI Agent Settings

After we have your data, let's customize your AI agents further by configuring your agent settings. In the settings page, you can edit the name of your agent, set a universal base prompt to better position your agent, manage creativity level and message volume, and edit your agent interface.

AI Agent Preview

After completing the initial steps of customization, your AI agent is ready to go! Preview your agents on the home page to ensure they look and behave exactly as you desire. This real-time preview allows for quick adjustments and verification before deployment.

Deploy Your AI Agent

If you're happy with what you see in the AI agent preview, let's start deploying your agent for your users! Deploying your agent is a seamless and flexible process with Oort TDS. Whether you wish to share your agent with a unique URL, integrate it with popular platforms like Telegram and Slack, or embed it directly into your website, we've got you covered.

Train Your AI Agent Further

To achieve optimal performance and functionality, finetuning your agent is essential. In OORT AI, you can effortlessly manage various data sources to adapt and enhance your agent according to your specific needs and objectives. Here's how you can manage data sources from websites, user feedback, and uploaded files.

Uploaded Files

Utilize files uploaded directly into the system to enrich your agent's knowledge and capabilities. These can include text documents, spreadsheets, and other formats containing vital information.

  • Uploading Files: Add files containing data relevant to your agent's purpose.

  • Editing and Updating Files: Make changes to existing files as needed.

  • File Management: Organize and manage uploaded files for optimal usage.

Webpage Sources

Incorporate information and content directly from websites to broaden your agent's knowledge base and ensure it's up-to-date. You can easily add, modify, or remove websites, providing your agent with relevant and targeted data.

  • Adding Websites: Include URLs and specific site sections to source content.

  • Updating Content: Regularly refresh the data to maintain accuracy.

  • Removing Websites: Delete sources that are no longer relevant or needed.

User Feedback

Leverage direct input from end-users to refine your agent's responses and understanding. Collecting and analyzing user feedback allows you to make continuous improvements, enhancing the user experience.

  • Collecting Feedback: Set up methods for users to provide comments and insights.

  • Analyzing Feedback: Review and interpret user input for actionable insights.

  • Implementing Changes: Modify your agent based on user preferences and needs.

Whether you are an experienced agent developer or just getting started, the Home Page is designed to make your experience smooth and enjoyable. With everything you need to create, manage, and optimize your agents in one place, it's the ideal starting point for your journey with OORT AI. Explore the sections above to get the most out of your agents and leverage the full power of the platform.

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