Configure AI Agents

The OORT AI agent offers a plethora of features to seamlessly connect with your audience and provide intelligent interactions. Configuring your AI agent is a breeze with our user-friendly tools and detailed guidelines. From basic settings to advanced interface customization, from managing various agents to chatting with them, you’ll find everything you need in this section.

1. Getting AI Agent Settings:

Understanding your AI agent's current configuration is vital. Learn how to access detailed information about your agent's settings, including language, behavior, and more.

Getting AI Agent Settings

2. Updating AI Agent Settings:

Tailor your AI agent to better suit your needs. This section covers how to modify various settings, such as greetings, responses, and interaction modes.

Updating AI Agent Settings

3. Getting AI Agent Interface:

Your AI agent's appearance plays a key role in user experience. Find out how to retrieve your agent's current interface details, including themes, layouts, and visuals.

Getting AI Agent Interface

4. Updating AI Agent Interface:

Give your AI agent a fresh look! Here, you'll find a guide on how to change your agent's interface, allowing you to personalize its appearance to match your brand.

Updating AI Agent Interface

5. Deleting Your AI Agent:

Sometimes, less is more. Learn the steps for safely deleting an AI agent, whether you're looking to declutter or start anew.

Deleting Your AI Agent

6. Getting a List of Your AI Agent:

Managing multiple AI agents is no small feat. Simplify your workflow by learning how to retrieve a detailed list of all your active agents.

Getting a List of Your AI Agents

7. Chatting with Your AI Agent:

Want to see your AI agent in action? Learn how to engage in a conversation with your agent, testing its responses and ensuring it's ready to interact with users.

Chatting With Your AI Agent

Configuring your AI agent is both an exciting and straightforward process. The guidelines and tools provided in this section will equip you to craft an agent that not only resonates with your brand but also delivers a captivating experience to your audience.

Should you have any queries or require further assistance in configuring your AI agent, our support team at is always ready to help. Happy configuring!

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