Welcome to the Subscriptions section of OORT AI, your go-to location for managing, upgrading, or modifying your subscription plan. With an intuitive and informative interface, this section provides a comprehensive overview of your current plan, usage, and available options.

Manage Subscriptions

Your subscription management dashboard offers various tools and insights:

  • Current Plan Details and Features: At a glance, see all the features and limitations of your current subscription plan. Whether you're on Basic, Growth, Pro, or Enterprise, every detail of what's included and what's available for upgrade is transparently laid out.

  • Current Usage: Keep track of your ongoing consumption of the services. This includes information like the number of messages, characters, AI agent, and any specific details tied to your plan, allowing you to gauge whether your current subscription is meeting your needs.

  • Upgrade or Cancel Your Plan: With simple controls, you can quickly upgrade to a plan that offers more resources or downgrade if needed. Canceling your subscription is also made hassle-free.

Explore Plans

An integral part of this section is the pricing chart, showcasing the four distinct plans:

  • Basic: Perfect for those starting with AI chat solutions and need a foundational package.

  • Growth: Designed for growing businesses that require more capacity and integrations.

  • Pro: Offers an advanced set of tools and features for professionals with extensive needs.

  • Enterprise: A fully customizable plan tailored to large enterprises, offering unlimited resources.

The pricing chart includes an easy toggle between monthly and yearly billing, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your budgeting and financial planning.

The Subscriptions section of OORT AI simplifies the potentially complex process of managing your subscription. With clear visuals of your current plan, immediate access to upgrade or downgrade, and an in-depth pricing chart, you have full control over your subscription and the flexibility to adapt it to your evolving needs.

Whether you're evaluating your current usage, considering an upgrade, or just exploring the various options, this section is designed with your ease and convenience in mind. Make the most of your OORT AI experience by aligning your subscription with your goals and requirements.

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