User Feedback

Welcome to the User Feedback section of OORT AI, an essential hub for managing, analyzing, and utilizing the feedback your AI agent receives from users. This interface not only categorizes feedback for efficient review but also empowers you to enhance your agent by making insightful adjustments.

Here you can:

  • Review Feedback: Analyze each feedback to understand how users perceive your AI agent's responses.

  • Update Q&A: Make direct adjustments to your AI agent's Questions and Answers based on the insights gained from feedback.

  • Train Your AI Agent: Utilize constructive feedback to train your agent, enhancing its ability to provide accurate and relevant answers.

List of User Feedback

The core of this section is the extensive list of user feedback, providing you with a detailed view of the interactions between your AI agent and its users. This list is categorized by status, enabling you to quickly understand where each piece of feedback stands in the review process.

Different Types of Feedback Status

  • Pending: These are new feedback items that require your attention. Review them to determine if they contain constructive insights for improvement.

  • Trained: Feedback that has been trained to enhance the AI agent's performance.

  • Processing: These feedback items are in the process of being integrated into the AI agent's training data, actively contributing to the agent's evolution.

  • Deleted: Any feedback that has been removed due to irrelevance or other reasons.

Feedback Entry Information

  • Feedback ID: A unique identifier for easy tracking.

  • Question: The user's original question or input.

  • Agent's Response: How the AI agent responded to the question.

  • User Feedback: The user's comments on the agent's response, providing context for evaluation and adjustment.

Updating AI Agent's Q&A

The User Feedback section also allows you to take a hands-on approach to finetuning your agent. Make direct adjustments to your agent's Questions and Answers based on the insights gained from feedback.

The User Feedback section in OORT AI offers a powerful platform to tap into the invaluable insights provided by your users. By categorizing, reviewing, and acting upon feedback, you can make continuous improvements to your AI agent. The ability to manually update the Q&A ensures that you have full control over your agent's evolution, aligning it closely with user expectations and needs.

This section is designed to facilitate a smooth and efficient feedback management process, so explore, analyze, and optimize your agent to achieve a truly engaging and responsive user experience.

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