Huygens Mining Guide

A Guide to Huygens for Current and Prospective CCN Miners

Before You Start

Check if your machine is eligible and estimate the metapower amount you will be providing.
More details on our minimum machine requirement ⬇️

Step 1: Create a Miner Account

Two types of mining accounts are introduced in Huygens to facilitate miners’ daily operation and management: Miner Account and Worker Account.
See a detailed guide on how to create a miner account ⬇️

Step 2: Purchase a Mining Pass

Mining Pass is a credential for each miner’s computing power, recording the maximum amount of metapower each miner’s account can provide.
Per our baseline function, more mining pass capacity will be released and available for purchase as the total computing capacity in Huygens gradually increases.
See a detailed guide on how to purchase a Mining Pass ⬇️

Step 3: CCN Pro or CCN Mini?

There are two mining options when mining with Oort, CCN Mini and CCN Pro.
See how CCN Mini and CCN Pro compare ⬇️

Step 4: Initialize Your Machines

Prepare your machines to start mining.
See a detailed guide on how to initialize your machines ⬇️

Step 5: Connect Your Machines

Connect your machines in the CCN Mining dashboard.
See a detailed guide on how to connect your machines ⬇️

Step 6: Start Your Machine

Time to make it rain!
See a detailed guide on how to start your machines ⬇️
Have fun mining in Huygens. Cheers!