Huygens Mining 101

New ways to mine in Huygens

Computing Capacity

The computing capacity is the sum of all mining passes. The initial metapower capacity in Huygens is 300 GMP/s, ensuring the testnet gradually and steadily scale up. As time goes on, this network's computing capacity increases according to the baseline function in CCN tokenomics.

Mining Pass

The Mining Pass is a mandatory credential for each miner’s allowed computing capacity, recording the maximum amount of metapower each miner’s account can provide. Miners must purchase a Mining Pass in order to start mining on CCN.
In Huygens, miners can acquire 200 KMP/s of metapower limit with 1 UCCN.
Learn more on how to get a Mining Pass

Mining Pass Limit Adjustment

Considering the fairness of participation, we strongly encourage miners to purchase a Mining Pass that can be fulfilled by the miner's metapower. Towards this end, once a miner purchases a Mining Pass, the available Mining Pass limit will be adjusted every seven days.
If the miner provides less metapower than the acquired Mining Pass limit, their Mining Pass Limit will automatically decrease to
0.5 x (current Mining Pass Limit + current metapower provided).
The un-utilized portion of the computing capacity will be available for other miners to acquire. We encourage miners only to claim the amount of Mining Pass limit they need.
Note: The unutilized portion of computing power that is slashed is permanent and not reclaimable. The miner will have to use UCCN to purchase that unused mining power again.
Mining Pass Limit Adjustment Process
For Example
You spent 10 UCCN on a mining pass with 2MMP/s limit. However, after 7 days you only hosted 1MMP/s out of the 2MMP/s capacity. As a consequence, your updated computing capacity will be 1.5 MMP/s. That is, 0.5 MMP/s will be available for others to acquire as their mining passes.

Flexible Collateral Mechanism

Each time a miner connects one or more rigs, CCN Mining Portal will automatically calculate the corresponding collateral amount based on the machine configurations and the CCN Tokenomics model.
15% of the collateral calculated is required to start mining. Miners can always add their stakes to earn more. One's mining return grows following the formula below as the paid collateral increases up to 100%.
According to the metapower baseline in the CCN Tokenomics and the real-time metapower on the Huygens testnet, we can define
as the total required collateral of a mining machine, where
is the metapower provided by the machine, and t is the current time.
When a miner has posted all the collateral required, the mining reward is
. When a miner only stakes a part of the total collateral,
, the mining reward is
Based on the equation above:
When a miner stakes 15% of their total collateral, the mining reward is:
R(t)=0.1R(M,t)R(t)= 0.1*R(M,t)
When a miner stakes 100% of the total collateral, the mining reward is
Huygens Mining Collateral vs. Rewards
Please note that
  1. 1.
    Miners will only be able to connect the machine after posting at least 15% of calculated collateral
  2. 2.
    Miners cannot connect more rigs if the collateral balance is insufficient
  3. 3.
    Miners cannot connect more rigs when the total metapower exceeds what the Mining Pass allows
  4. 4.
    The collateral will be automatically refunded to miners after 360 days in Huygens.
  5. 5.
    If mainnet launches within this 360 day period the collateral will be transferred to mainnet as collateral.

Dome-A -> Huygens

  • Dome-A will be shut down before Huygens starts. All machines in Dome-A will be automatically taken offline. Miners do not need to un-host machines
  • Dome-A miners will need to follow the new mining rules in Huygens as other miners to participate in Huygens mining
  • Dome-A miners can opt to redeem their Huygens Mining Passes with their Dome-A collateral
  • Dome-A miners will have early access to claim Huygens Mining Passes before opening to the public