Huygens FAQ

Some of our community's most commonly asked questions on Huygens

When will Huygens officially launch?

April 2022

How can Dome-A miners join Huygens?

After Dome-A, stops, there will be a bridge to allowing Dome-A miners to convert Dome-A test tokens to their Huygens wallet addresses. Once Dome-A miners bridge over, we'll have a small period transitional period in which machines could then get deployed to Huygens.
  • Dome-A will be shut down before Huygens starts. All machines in Dome-A will be automatically taken offline. Miners do not need to un-host machines.
  • Dome-A miners will need to follow the new mining rules in Huygens as other miners to participate in Huygens mining.
  • The posted collateral in Dome-A 1.0 and 1.1 will be either used to purchase mining pass or returned to miners six months after the launch date of Dome-A at equivalent CCN value (Your Choice!). The specific rules and the process will be announced in the near future.
Read more on the Dome-A -> Huygens transition here

How can I join Oort’s Early Bird Program?

The minimum entry requirement for the Early Bird Program is 50,000 CCN (150,000 USDT). Apply to our Early Bird Program through our webpage here.

What's Huygens’ throughput?

We continuously improve our throughput to reach 20,000+ TPS.

If a worker account committed malicious behaviors in Huygens, will the associated mining account pay for the penalties?

Yes. The mining account is in charge of all the finances. The worker accounts are not involved in any payment or reward aspects.