Early Bird Program

An exclusive offer for our early supporters

Post Mining Collateral with Guaranteed Earnings

Get CCN tokens and save on collateral when you participate in Oort’s Early Bird Program.
Early Bird Program
Our Early Bird Program lets miners new to the Oort ecosystem save when they host their machines on the CCN network when we launch Huygens — phase two of CCN’s testnet — later this month.
Huygens requires miners to post collateral in CCN tokens to host their machines, safeguarding the network’s security and integrity for all participants. Now, miners who take advantage of the exclusive Early Bird offer will enjoy discounted collateral obligations when they purchase Early Bird Credits from Oort Foundation– new miners will not only obtain CCN tokens (allowing them to host their machines on the network), but they’ll save on collateral, too. Miners can transfer their Early Bird credits to different mining accounts, to be used as mining collateral.

How it Works

We welcome all interested miners to apply for the Early Bird Program. If your application is approved, you’ll be able to purchase Early Bird Credits in USDT. Then you’re all set to transfer your Early Bird Credits as mining collateral when you host your rigs to the network! All Early Bird transaction records will be stored in smart contracts.
  • Early Bird Credit pool: 5 Million CCN
  • Early Bird offer: 3 USDT = 1 CCN as mining collateral
  • Minimum entry amount: 50,000 CCN

Price Protection

Early Bird Program participants can get 1 Early Bird credit (1 CCN token) for 3 USDT. If 70% of the average market price of CCN during the first three months after the CCN token is listed on exchanges is less than 3 USDT, Oort Foundation will refund the difference.
For instance, assume a miner pre-stakes 100 CCN at $3, and in the first three months the average price of CCN on DEX is $4. Then 70% of the first three-month average is $2.8, which is below $3. Therefore $20 (($3-$2.8)x100) will be returned to the miner.

A special thank-you to CCN’s early supporters

As a thank you to Oort's early contributors, Oort Foundation offers a 5% bonus for those who have successfully introduced miners to join the Early Bird Program. Qualified early contributors include Dome-A miners, CCN team members, advisors, contributors, and investors.
Please note that the Foundation will pay for the rewards. The fund received from the Early Bird program will be locked and reserved in a separate pool.

When does it start? How can I apply?

The official application portal will be open on CCN’s official website. We will announce the launch date very soon.
Make sure to follow us on social media and join our communities to get the latest update.


  1. 1.
    This Early Bird program is run and recorded on smart contracts. Early Bird Credits can only be used for mining collateral and can’t be used or traded in any format. Early Bird Credits will be returned to miners in two ways: 1. If all Credits are transferred as mining collateral, miners will receive the collateral in equivalent CCN after 360 days. 2. Remaining balance of the Early Bird Credits can be transferred to miners’ wallets after the unlock date.
  2. 2.
    All aspects and processes of the Early Bird Program (including the fund received from the Early Bird program, the Early Bird Credits pool, etc.) are conducted in public smart contracts to ensure the principle of openness and transparency. Early Bird participants will have access to the smart contracts on CCN’s website. Oort Foundation will not use any of the funds until the end of the Early Bird Program, protecting the interests of all Early Bird miners.
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    The Early Bird program is open to all miners worldwide. It is important for miners to carefully follow the local laws and regulations of their region when participating in the Early Bird program.