Trade $CCN (Testnet Token)

$CCN is not yet listed yet. All $CCN tokens being referred to are testnet $CCN that has real value.

Step 0: Get Your Ale Wallet Address

Download and install Ale Wallet, then create your account.

Step 1: Get Some $CCN as Gas Fee

You will need to pay a small amount of gas fee for exchanges you're about to make.
1> Tweet your Ale Wallet address (feel free to include other text in the tweet if you like)
2> Copy and paste the tweet’s URL into our Huygens Faucet and fire away
3> You should receive 0.001 Huygens tokens in your wallet shortly
Please use a tweet that was posted within 30 minutes.
Any tweet that is 30 minutes old or more will automatically be invalidated.

Step 2: Prepare $USDT on BSC

Computecoin's stablecoin, $UCCN, is pegged with $USDT on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). To purchase $UCCN, you must prepare $USDT on BSC.

Step 3: Purchase $UCCN

1> Connect your BSC Wallet on Computecoin's Cross-Chain Bridge
2> Connect your Ale Wallet on the same page
3> Input your desired amount and start transferring

Step 4: Purchase $CCN

Proceed with caution and get $CCN from one of our community-developed OTC exchanges: CCN Swap and CCN Secure Exchange.