Our Stablecoin: UCCN

A stablecoin issued by Computecoin

Where can I get UCCN?

UCCN can now be exchanged on Computecoin’s Cross-Chain Bridge using USDT. Simply connect your Binance Smart Chain wallet and Ale Wallet and start transferring!
Oort’s Cross-Chain Bridge is designed not only for Oort miners but also for all Oort community members, as it supports token transfers between Binance Smart Chain and Huygens.

What can I do with UCCN?

Huygens Mining (Coming Soon)

In Oort's upcoming open testnet, Huygens, participating miners are required to purchase a CCN Mining Pass in order to start mining on Huygens. Oort Miners can exchange UCCN with USDT on Oort’s Cross-Chain Bridge in order to purchase Oort Mining Pass in the mining portal.