Mining Rewards

Node operators can benefit from the Oort ecosystem in many ways.

Different Types of Mining Rewards

CCN Mining Reward

Earn CCN tokens by connecting your rigs to the Oort

Cloud Computing Commission

Earn service fees when your machines are rented in the CCN Cloud Computing Marketplace

Merged Mining Reward

Earn other cryptocurrencies (ETH/AR/XCH/FIL/SWM/BZZ) when mining on CCN, this is available when your machines are not rented in the CCN Cloud Computing Marketplace
Learn more on how to earn these respective rewards in Different Mining Options.

Reward Minting Model

Total minting reward = Baseline minting reward (70%) + Stake minting reward (30%)
Minting reward pool size = 2 billion (total token supply) x 60% = 1.2 billion

Baseline Minting Reward

The reward token release follows the exponential decay manner (decay rate = 4 years half time)
Adjusted by how the metapower in the network increase compared with the pre-defined baseline function.
“Oort Tokenomics”, March 2022.

Stake Minting Reward

Similar to the baseline minting model (without baseline function):
MS(t)=MS(1eλt).M_{S}(t) = M_{S\infty} * (1-e^{-\lambda t}).

Total Minting Reward

Total circulation < 10 millions

View Your Mining Rewards

Check your mining rewards in the "Rewards" tab inside the mining portal. Mining rewards are shown in three different time scales: last 24 hours, last 7 days, and last 30 days. It also shows how many tokens have already been paid out to the miner's wallet, how many tokens are still locked, and how many tokens are already vested.
Use the dropdown box to view mining trends for a specific type of metapower. "Reward History" shows the actual Metapower of the machine in the mining interval and the amount of CCN that is paid out to the miner.
Go to "Machines" to view the mining income of a specific machine.

Reward Vesting Schedule

75% of CCN rewards earned by miners will vest linearly (every hour) over 180 days while 25% are made immediately available to improve miner cash flow and profitability.