Mining Pass

Your passport to become a node on Oort’s mainnet

What is CCN Mining Pass?

The Mining Pass is a credential for each miner's computing power, recording the maximum amount of computing and storage power each miner's account can provide. The value of miners' Mining Passes will be used to buy back and burn CCN.
A mining pass indicates how much and what type of metapower the dedicated machine(s) is providing, as well as the maximum metapower that the machine is allowed to contribute to the network.

How do I get a Mining Pass?

Mining Pass Payment

Mining Passes can be purchased in the CCN Mining Portal with UCCN, Oort’s stablecoin. The cost of one's Mining Pass is determined by a miner’s compute capabilities and the metapower provided.
All funds from the purchases will be used for CCN buy-back and burn on a quarterly basis.
Price Based on Computing Capacity
In Huygens, miners can acquire 200 KMP/s of metapower limit with 1 UCCN.
UCCN can be purchased with USDT on Oort’s Cross-Chain Bridge.
Coming soon with the Huygens launch!

Why do I Need a Pass to Mine on Oort?

The Mining Passes is a symbol of trust between Oort Network and our beloved miners. We believe that our miners are in with us in the long run. This process will also help us build a stronger, more secure, and reliable network by bringing together a group of committed and adventurous miners.
Oort does not profit from your purchase of mining passes. Recycling mining passes deflates CCN tokens, making CCN tokens more valuable.