Mining Overview

1.2 billion (60% of the total supply) CCN tokens are allocated to the miners.

Merged Mining

Oort allows miners to mine multiple cryptocurrencies: AR, ETH, CHX, FIL, BZZ, CRU, and HNT. Mining machines hosted on the Oort to mine CCN tokens can continue mining other cryptocurrencies without disruption.
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Different Mining Options

There are two mining options for CCN miners: CCN Mini and CCN Pro

CCN Mini

Machines with CCN Mini installed will not be assigned computation-intensive tasks. If your machines are currently mining other cryptocurrencies (ETH/AR/XCH/FIL/SWM/BZZ) and you’d like to continue mining those tokens while your machines are hosted on CCN, we highly recommend you download CCN Mini.


CCN Pro is full-featured. If you have idle high-performance computers at home or an IDC with Windows or Linux OS, we highly recommend you download CCN Pro and earn multiple rewards.
  • CCN Mining Reward: earn CCN tokens by connecting your rigs to the Oort
  • Cloud Computing Commission: earn service fees when your machines are rented in the CCN Cloud Computing Marketplace
  • Merged Mining Reward: earn other cryptocurrencies (ETH/AR/XCH/FIL/SWM/BZZ) when mining on CCN, this is available when your machines are not rented in the CCN Cloud Computing Marketplace
Two Mining Options on oort