Mining FAQ

Some of our community's most commonly asked questions on CCN Mining

Mining Requirement & Staking

What’s the minimum mining requirement?

We're allowing anything to join. Obviously, besides a Windows 95 machine that doesn't have any good CPU or GPU. ​​ For CPU mining, we recommend i7+ or similar processors For GPU mining, we recommend NVIDIA or AMD with 4GB+ GPU VRAM. ​ ​ ​​​ ​
CCN Pro only supports Nvidia at the moment
Operation system: only Linux and Windows are supported

Is the mining pass required to start mining?

You can buy the CCN mining pass with a very small amount of CCN’s stablecoin, UCCN. The amount used to buy a CCN mining pass will go back as CCN tokens, creating a deflation mechanism to guarantee the benefit of our token holders in the long run.

How much should I stake to mine CCN?

You can calculate how much is required for you to stake using our metapower calculator:

When will the collateral marketplace be ready?

Shortly after the Huygens launch.

Why does Oort lock the mining reward for 180 days?

We value growth in our mining community. We want someone who plans on staying with us for the long run.

Is the mining reward proportionate to the collaterals?

Yes. The more collateral you put in means that you have more metapower to contribute, which is proportional to the mining reward you receive.

Cloud Computing Marketplace

When can miners start renting out their machines on CCN?

We are still developing the cloud computing marketplace, which we hope will be available in late April.

Is there any preference among storage, CPU, GPU mining on CCN? Which type will receive the most rewards?

This depends on what types of applications are running on CCN and is determined by the supply and demand curves.
Read more on metapower popularity

I'm mining CCN using Linux mini mining software, why are significant computing resources not being used?

Considering that we are still in our testnet phase, we only onboarded a few clients to test out the performance of our miners. You will see a huge difference in the resource utilization rate after our mainnet launch and will be paid by the client using your computing resources.

Merged Mining

What's the full list of coins miners can mine concurrently with CCN?

  • AR
  • ETH
  • FIL
  • CHX
  • CRU
  • BZZ
  • HNT (soon)

Why am I receiving mining rewards while my rigs are not actually running on CCN?

As long as your rigs are connected to Oort, technically your machines don't have to do anything for you to receive mining reward. Offering miners mining rewards enables Oort to recruit more computing resources and helps the tech team improve the testnet itself, as well as the mainnet.
Oort will launch a computing marketplace, where miners can earn service fees while providing their computing resources to the customers. This will require miners to update their rig configurations and put their rigs into work. Please note, when a miner is renting their computing resources to customers, the working rigs would not be able to keep mining on other networks like Arweave.

I am a Chia miner on the lookout. Will merged mining on CCN and XCH have any negative impact?

You will be able to merge mine CCN and XCH with CCN Mini. With Chia being highly reliant on latency, this will depend on your machine’s setup. If you have a poor Chia mining setup, you may see a difference in latency, but not a drastic one.
Our existing miners already merged mined CCN with other cryptocurrencies and experienced no issues, they are very satisfied with this feature.
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