Staker's Guide

Join bonding pools and earn extra tokens

Browse Bonding Pools

-> Go to the bonding pool hub
-> Review the bonding pool details and join the ones that are open to stake
Miner Collateral
The total collateral posted by the bonding pool owner (the miner).
Staking Reward
Staker's share of the total mining rewards from the bonding pool. This is set by the bonding pool owner (the miner).
Total Staked
Current CCN staked/the staking cap.
Please note: A minimum amount of CCN tokens must be staked within 72 hours after the bonding pool is published; otherwise, the bonding pool will be terminated.
Browse bonding pools

Join a Bonding Pool

-> Click the "Stake" button on the homepage.
-> Enter the staking amount
-> Read and agree to the Acknowledgement Letter and Disclaimer
-> Start earning!
Please note: The bonding pool will be activated if it has met the minimum staking requirements within 72 hours after being published. You will begin to receive rewards once it's activated.

Staking Rewards

You can check all the bonding pools you have joined in the "My Staking" tab. You can see the total rewards you have earned and your vested rewards.
Rewards are distributed ever hour. 25% of mining rewards will be released immediately, while the remaining 75% will vest over 180 days.
My staking

Withdraw Funds

Once you have joined a bonding pool, you wouldn't be able to withdraw your initial stake unless:
  1. 1.
    The contract has ended. Bonding pool contract period is 360 days.
  2. 2.
    The contract is terminated due to different reasons. You can read more here.
You can withdraw your vested rewards at any time.

Bonding Pool Details

-> Review or close the bonding pool details with arrow button on the right
Bonding pool details