Oort Bot

The Future of Customer Support
Welcome to the future of customer support with OortBot, our revolutionary AI-powered agent, designed to empower data ownership and redefine data interaction in the Web3 era. Offering swift, efficient, and insightful support across an array of products and topics, OortBot revolutionizes your interaction with data.

OortBot: Elevating Data Interactions

OortBot embodies a significant shift in the user-data relationship by seamlessly fusing Web3 data and AI. It emphasizes two vital aspects of this relationship: ownership and interaction. With OortBot, we aim to simplify your journey within the Oort ecosystem, unlocking your data's full potential while ensuring its rightful ownership. OortBot not only elevates your interaction with data but redefines it, one conversation at a time.

How to Start with OortBot

Ready to explore the power of OortBot? Navigate to our website, look for the navy icon at the bottom right corner, and click it to open the chat window. Let OortBot assist you in exploring the intriguing world of decentralized data solutions.

OortBot's Key Features

Customized GPT with Your Data

OortBot is all about personalization. By incorporating your data, you can tailor OortBot to meet your unique needs. OortBot enhances user-data interaction, enabling users to understand and exploit their complex data without relying on apps, engineers, or complex APIs. This innovation opens up new opportunities for data monetization, reinforcing our vision of a decentralized data economy.

Data Ownership

At Oort, data ownership is fundamental. All data processed by OortBot is directly routed to our Decentralized Storage Service (Oort DSS), a unique system engineered to prioritize data sovereignty with unparalleled privacy, security, and accessibility. As you interact with OortBot, rest assured that your data is securely stored in encrypted shards distributed across our global network of independently operated nodes. This data sovereignty commitment aligns with our mission to revolutionize data interaction in the Web3 era.

A Rewarding, Community-Driven Experience

OortBot's design embodies our commitment to community-driven growth and data empowerment. Our unique “chat, engage, earn” system lets users monetize their data, collecting high-quality data for businesses to create tailored GPT, thereby democratizing the future of Web3 data interaction. Engage with OortBot, contribute insights, and earn rewards as we collaboratively redefine the decentralized infrastructure and the intelligent customer support experience.